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The choice between life and death seems like it should be a simple answer right? Well, not in this society we were placed in, it has come down to eight people left on earth and one plane but the catch is only four people can go on the plan. How do you decide who has more value or who would be better suited for this new world. Well we as a group had to plea our cases on why we should be going onto this plane. We as a group applied the three concepts of fight, flight and tend-and-befriend to determine who would be moving onto a new life on a remote island. Group Behaviors and Discussion When we first started in our groups we had three guys and five girls, and right off the bat someone had suggested that two of the guys should go and two of …show more content…

Them giving up is an example of the flight method I had mentioned earlier which is when someone just withdraws or gives up before even trying. Even one of the members mentioned they would just go to chipotle as a final meal in the airport and be completely okay with that as there ending since they couldn't get on the plane. Now back to the final five, we've narrowed it down to two guys who will be moving on(me being one of them) and three girls. The girls would not give up they had so much fight in them, fight is one of the concepts and that is when someone becomes competitive and very aggressive. They all were talking about there skills and what they can bring to the group. What it ultimately came down to was that the two girls that moved on had different skills, one brought outdoor skills such as bow and arrow skills, fishing and even first aid training. While the other girl brought a different set where she knew how to make a fire, knew CPR, first aid and much more. So after using the concepts given we finally figured out what four people would be going, it was not an easy choice but it had to be done. Some people were upset and some were just fine with not going but a question arose that now only two people could go, how would that of went differently. Personally I think that just comes down to the genetics and who we think are the best two people to move on and build this world back up. My Behavior and Talk During Activity Through out

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