Reflection Paper On Barrel Racing

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In the sport of barrel racing there are so many factors that go into making that perfect run and being successful with under 20 seconds to perform the best of your abilities. In just one minute the possibilities of outcomes and variables are immeasurable, but when these things come together and create unexplainable feelings, it is such a rush. I start walking my horse in circles, waiting for my turn to compete. The crowd is loud, the music booms through the speaker, and the announcers voice rips through it all. My horse hears it all and he too feels the sheer energy that illuminates through the whole arena complex, he feeds off it like it is his reason to live. He is a kid in a candy shop in this atmosphere, he feels like a bundle of energy just vibrating back and forth ready to explode at any minute. The mere feeling of having him as excited as I am excites me even more and pumps me up immensely, because now I can feel the blood pounding in my ears from adrenaline. “And now to the ladies! Three turns and home, fastest time wins this event folks” The announcer says through the speakers as they say at every rodeo performance and the crowd erupts in cheers. I move my horse to get closer to the alley way that leads into the arena and I walk him in circles so he will remain calm. I go over my checklist in my head and try to remember all the things I had to do leading up to this one run that helps me be successful. Tighten my saddle’s girth, check, clean his feet, check,

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