Reflection Paper On Christmas Angels

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Christmas Angels Christmas in the Chapel has been a huge staple in my childhood, and every year, I’ve looked forward to seeing the signing angels from my church Jefferson Street of from Lincoln Christian Church. In January 2015, I was able to join their group, Praise Handmade, and entered the “Heavenlies”, as we call it, that December. Our “Head Angel”, Angela, and three other girls, Rebecca, Bethany, and Erin, were in my first group for two years, and they had done it before. I was new to all of this, and I was the youngest and the smallest (I was 11 my first year); being afraid of heights did not help at all.
The platform we were on was the highest part on the stage, and there was was nothing to keep us from falling; the stage is about 15 feet into the air. During my first rehearsal on the stage, my skin turned as pale as a ghost and my body was as still as a statue; I was completely petrified. When the song was over, I moved to a lower level of the stage to calm down. One of the angels (I don’t remember who) asked me, “Are you okay?”
I told them I was fine, though I was still trembling a little bit from fear. How was I supposed to do it in front of several people if I couldn’t even rehearse up there without having a panic attack? Thankfully, I soon got used to the height, though the first time up there every year still makes my heart pound; I think it does for everyone. For my third year, I was able to look up for our last sign for the very first time.
The chapel has 5

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