Reflection Paper On Disability

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1. What does your disability look like? What is the type, severity, and physical descriptions of your disability? Be sure to include physical and/or mental components here. The more detailed, the better.

I have autism, and it is high-functioning. I can focus on different parts of the world and their geographic location for a period of time. Sometimes my parents have to remind me to eat dinner or take bath or brush my teeth because I can stay so focused. If someone tries to talk to me about any topic I have trouble looking them in the eye and I tend to look at the ground. But when I do talk it tends to be all facts, I cannot lie. I like to have all of my items in a particular in my bedroom, and if someone touches my stuff without my consent I will freak out on you. I don’t like when I have a change in my schedule either, I don’t know what it is but I can’t function. I do like to use fancy words that I have learned involving geography, it is easy for me to decode the words from other words I know. Sometimes I don’t even need to know the word, and I can figure it out all on my own. As for my relationships, I know that I’m supposed to love my mom and dad, but I don’t truly understand how I am supposed to love them. It’s hard for me to tell when someone is happy or mad or sad because I don’t know how they feel. When my teacher teaches, I can tell her exactly what we learned in class exactly how she said it. At school, I would wear the same outfit multiple days in a row, but

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