Reflection Paper On Health Care

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For the interview and reflection assignment, I interviewed a middle-aged mother named Lauren. Lauren moved to the United States a year ago with her two children from three years ago. The topic of the interview was on Lauren’s experience with healthcare providers during her recent pregnancy. Lauren is different from me in age, race, and religion. We are both middle-class women, however, she is Chinese and in her early forties and I am Black and in my early twenties. In addition, she practices Buddhism, while I follow Christianity.
In the Chinese culture, there are many customs that are followed for many situations or events. In China, pregnant women follow certain customs to remain healthy throughout their pregnancy and following after birth. Lauren stated she has had high blood pressure for many years. During her first two pregnancies, Lauren had to deal with her high blood pressure which caused complications during her pregnancy. Although it was not easy, Lauren stated she remained in faith and used many holistic treatments. The professionals who Lauren mentioned in the interview were nurses and doctors who helped her during her pregnancy. Usually when women become pregnant, doctors advice expecting mothers to take prenatal vitamins, do light exercise, and eat certain foods. However, Lauren stated that in Chinese tradition there are certain foods that are believed to bring health or poor health to a baby. Women are advised to stick to hot foods during pregnancy so that

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