Reflection Paper On Physical Therapy

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Final Reflection Paper 1. This semester I had the opportunity to complete my fieldwork at Northern Physical Therapy. While Northern Physical Therapy has many local clinics, I attended the Wayland location. My experience at this site involved me showing up on Mondays for 5 hours and Fridays for 4 hours, totaling around 9 hours per week. At the Wayland location, the clinic had two Physical Therapists, Matt and Denise, an Occupational therapist, Anna, an Occupational Therapist Assistance, Stephanie, and two Personal Care Assistants, Kassie and Lisa. Although I was anticipating my supervisor to be Anna, the Occupational Therapist, I ended up working with Matt majority of the time. He has been a Physical Therapist for around 3 years after …show more content…

After the first couple of weeks, I began working with patients and offered support to other staff when needed. I continued to do this until the end of the semester, eventually progressing to work with patients who had harder exercises than others. 2. Northern Physical Therapy provided an inclusive environment for all of its patients and employees. Northern worked to promote cultural equality and made sure that the patients were free to make their own choices when it came to their health. Effective relationships and clear communication were established between every staff member and patient at the clinic. I also believe that none of the patients felt abused, harmed, or criticized for any reason. In order to avoid this, Northern has private evaluation rooms so that the client feels safe about their health. Northern also has trained professionals to deal with health insurance so that the client is able to get the best experience possible with the organization, while feeling confident and safe with the organization as a whole. Additionally, Northern was driven by the idea of a social environment. They interacted frequently with patients, physicians, and other health care professionals. The organization also worked to contact each patient directly when it came to co-pays or scheduling appointments. Northern also made sure that those patients who needed a one-on-one appointment were able to get one. Moreover, Northern made sure that each patient had a

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