Reflection Paper On Racism

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As I have demonstrated above, I have not only experienced overt racism by faculty (Paul Sivak excluding all faculty who identify as African American or Black from participating in the MSW annual commencement exercise) but also have experienced the different forms of microaggressions from not only faculty but also students, who I believe were/are influenced by the same three white faculty members (Paul Sivak, Jane Rousseau, and Jennifer Johnson) who formulated negative impression about me before even joining the faculty (e.g., Dr. Jane Rousseau stated that her first interaction with Dr. Perez was at a dinner with the hiring panel, where Dr. Perez “came across as very arrogant. Dropping names.”). The Confidential Report of Evidence Concerning Complaint details that the preconceived notions formulated of me prior to being hired support my feelings that faculty members who never observed my classrooms have uncritically adopted racially motivated concerns, which in-turn has shaped their biases, interpersonal interactions, and influenced students views of me. Said differently, the faculty members’ interviews in the Confidential Report of Evidence are examples of searching for, interpreting, favoring and recalling information in ways that confirm the preexisting beliefs or hypotheses based on their and adopted student complaints that had their origins before I was hired. In turn, from the 2016 student orientation where a White faculty (Paul Sivak) intentionally deemphasized my
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