Reflection Paper On Wrestling

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One of the biggest goals I have in life to win a state championship in my favorite sport. That sport is wrestling. I have wrestled since I was young in the third grade. I was considered very overweight for my age. I sat at about ninety pounds as a 9 year old. My parents wanted me to start being physically active and to get in shape. I remember being in a buffalo wild wings and watching a wrestling match on the television and how cool I thought it was. I told my paresnts that wrestling was the sport i wanted to do. The coach was a short man from India and he had tons of experince from teaching wrestling back in his home country. He showed me all of the basics and I felt very proud as i mastered each technique. When the day of my first match came I was so nervous. My first match was called and I went out and lost pretty bad. My next match was called and I lost again and because I had lost two I was out. During the third grade I only won one match. When the fourth grade came around I didnt want to do wrestling anymore because I thought I would just lose again. When I turned twelve and started junior high i heard that the wrestling team was pretty good at that school so I gave it a shot. Since the third and fourth grade I had gotten in much better shape and I did a decent job at wrestling and all the technique I learned was coming back to me. Once seventh grade came I was already ready for wrestling to start. The first duel of the season we had was amazing. I did great my first

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