Reflection Paper

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Dive into the perils that is writing. All of us have been writing since we were young. Throughout this semester of English, I have learned how to write in APA, and I have learned how to use every detail possible to extend and expand my essays. The literacy narrative essay, research essay, and annotated bibliography have all been essays I have written this semester, and each one has been a different challenge.
Around the time I was in ninth grade I learned to write in MLA format. It was not until tenth grade that the teacher hammered it into my brain. MLA format was used by all my high school teachers, so when we used MLA format in college it was nothing new to me. Up until now I have used MLA format for all my papers, even if it was not required. APA format has its differences, but for the most part it is very similar to MLA format. Hopefully mastering APA format will allow me to improve on my computer skills.
My research paper, No Quarter, was the hardest to write. It consumed over thirteen hours just to write it, that is not including the time it took to research everything to put into the essay. I stayed up late on many occasions to make progress on the research essay. I started by finding a topic that interested me on a couple of scholarly websites. After a while of searching i came across the topic of nuclear weapons. This topic had lots of coverage by many different authors and websites from both sides of it, which led to an easy time finding material for my essay.

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