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I thought I was perfect. I was smarter, faster, and stronger than my classmates. I got straight A+’s and all my teachers appreciated my hard work. I was, literally, perfect. Or so I thought. During class, taking tests, and during P.E., I constantly had a terrible attitude, because I was bored, tired, and uninterested in the learning material. I didn’t realize how you did your work was just as important as doing the work itself. I looked down on those who got grades lower than an A+. I was also arrogant. My self - confidence resulted in my no friends. And I didn’t care. I felt I was too smart for everyone else. When I entered sixth grade, class work got harder, and while the homework increased, my attitude increased as well. for the first time, I was nervous, and I had no one to help me because I still acted self - important and superior. I was starting to get more stressed out, and sometimes I felt so overwhelmed with my school work that I felt that I would collapse. Science was my hardest subject. There were weekly quizzes and homework assignments that made me stay up until 10:30 at night. Despite my arrogant attitude, I still had a spark of positivity in me, everyone did. But mine was hidden and overwhelmed by my stress and proud attitude. I still persevered though all my classes, though, receiving an A+ in each one. But then the day finally came - March 13, 2016. My science teacher gave me back a quiz that I completed a while back, and as usual I kept the test face

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