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A colleague informs you that she has completed her science lesson plans for the following week. She agrees to share her lessons with you and leaves them in your mailbox. As you look through the materials, you quickly realize that most of the content does not coincide with your teaching style because the lessons consist primarily of lectures, tests, and worksheets.
In order to teach measurement, classification, communication, and observation more effectively in my classroom, I would incorporate hands-on activities that require active student participation. To teach measurement, I would begin the lesson by having the students measure various objects, such as a pencil, their desk/table, themselves, and the room using qualitative factors such as a large eraser, a pencil, their feet, and their bodies, respectively and comparing the physical characteristics of different objects, such as which pencil is longer or which classroom is closest to specific location in the school. Once they mastered qualitative measurement, I would incorporate activities, such as predicting which unit of measurement is most appropriate for an object, estimating the object’s measurement, and measuring authentic materials, such as a classmate’s height, their desk’s length, and the classroom’s width, that help students master quantitative measurement. I would begin a classification lesson by modeling the strategy using the students. I would classify them using characteristics such as hair color, shirt

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