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On November 17, 2017, I helped Vanessa to get everything ready before had anyone came to watch the dance performance. We got everything ready and helped each group to dress up and make sure nothing was missing. Everything went very well and we also provided lunch for everyone where each of us can get together and it ended at 2pm. I helped Vanessa cleaned up everything and make sure everything was clean when we were done cleaning then we had several staffs, parents, and administrators objected about Fall Festival because some of them felt it was offensive due to cultural appropriation where it showed that they dressed up like another country cultural without having students’ parents signed to permission that Fall Festival should be provided but they did not which it was not appropriate. It helped me learn that it was important to talk to administrators to get their opinions first before asking parents for their permission without feeling cultural appropriation. There were couple challenges that I had to deal with during my internship. I had hard time to communicate with some people who I have been work with. But it helped me to learn that not everyone is good at communication and how can I modify my communicate access with them because it is important to have communication with anyone who I work with. It is important to have communicate with anyone who I work with so we can be on same page without being misunderstanding which it could cause more serious problem if we did not

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