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Going from 9th to 10th grade was a huge learning experience. At my school, Central High School, they had the 9th graders separated from the rest of the high schoolers. But that wasn’t my problem I had to go to a completely different school system, Russell County School system, they had all the grades combined. Russell County also wasn’t very known for a good curriculum. Central’s curriculum was more advanced than them. I learned how to transition from doing the minimum work needed to have to go above and beyond for my school work. High school I was able to learn many things, but the most important was learning to properly read and write.
Going into 10th grade year I struggled to adjust at first. The curriculum compared to the past school system was more challenging. Especially since I was in honors English. My teacher was the principal’s wife, Mrs. Vickers, she was a small little spitfire. She always made class exciting, so there was never a dull moment in there. In her class, our essays were based off books that we read. Some of those books I absolutely hated. But I read them all except for one and that was the one of the summer reading ones, “Lord of the Flies”. Mrs. Vickers taught me that even though a book is boring, learn to make it interesting. Find a goal or something that you are looking forward to seeing happen. It took me a while to understand that but when I did I was able to get through the books, even if I didn’t like the book. I still used SparkNotes though.

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