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I was 12 years old when I started to play volleyball. I can remember going to the gym for the first time bounces echoing off the walls for the balls being played. Before this, I was a competitive cheerleader for 4 years and had made it to the highest level possible. Hearing the crowd roaring wit =h every hit trick was what I lived for. My friend from my neighborhood finally connived me to try out volleyball and go to a camp. When I got there I remember always doing cheer moves on the volleyball court. In one drill we had to throw the ball across the room “bang bang” went the ball as I hit the back wall every time. The coaches were so impressed and immediately started talking off my parent's ear after the camp.
My first year I made the 12-2 team at A5 which to me was a huge accomplishment. I couldn't have been more excited but were saying things to their moms like, “mom I do not want to do this. Why am I here” balling crying. Those people were the ones who had been on the 1 team the year before and they felt as if this was a downgrade. Each year I just couldn’t wait to get started and play. The rush and buzz that extended through my body when I played were something I’d never felt before. That year was when I started to fall in love with the game and realized that it was the sport for me. The next year when I tried out I made the 13-2 team which was fine because I was still doing cheer and volleyball which made me happy that I could do both but I soon had to make a decision

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