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Life’s various perspective Why am I feeling so warily towards this trip? Why now, and never before? Similar questions kept pondering through my mind when boarding the plane that would take us to our home country, Peru. It had been close to five years with the absence of my birthplace, my early childhood. I never realized how my childhood environment differed from my present life, but somehow, this year I felt more aware of where I stood. My parents would tell me to value the luck we had, but I never gave it much thought. Back then, I would consider it but not in depth, until I was smacked with it in the face. Though I didn’t know at the time, I contemplated the idea of being exposed to a new perspective. However, the feeling wasn’t enormously overwhelming, so I would force it to reside in the back of my mind where it was hidden but kept haunting. The moment I stepped outside the plane after arriving in Lima, Peru, my senses shot through the roof. I became more alert to my surroundings. My mom took note of this and asked if I was feeling well. I didn’t exactly know how I was feeling due to the stampede of emotions ravaging inside of me. Traveling to Cusco made matters worse. When the cold, chilly air brushed my face, a shiver crept down my spine, inevitably causing me to shiver. Since Cusco was located in the mountains, it was natural for the weather to be dry and cold. When noticing the temperature, the warily feeling came back and I started missing the humid, burning,
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