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As a freshman in high school, I wrote a lot in my English class, but not so much in a specific format. The only format we worried about was to have an intro, three body parts, and a conclusion. For me, it was difficult writing an intro and till this day is still, my intros did not make sense with what I was writing about or I jumped right into the details. Also, had trouble focusing on the prompt, I would start my essay and towards the end I would go off topic. My English grammar has not always been the best, but it has progressed and it has been getting better. My first language is Spanish and I grew up writing only in Spanish even though my class had to be bilingual. I started writing and reading in English in the fifth grade. For me, it was a challenge. I would try to write in English, but when I would, in my head it sounded in English, but when I spelled it I would write in Spanish. I still do it sometimes, but with technology; looking up words, my writing has progressed. Sophomore year was probably one of the toughest year and where I learned the most. I had an amazing teacher named Mrs.Wagner who helped me a lot in my writing. She taught me how to brainstorm because I had a lot of trouble trying to put my ideas together. Mrs.Wagner taught me how to write a formal letter, persuasive essay and many other types of essay. I am so thankful because of her my writing has improved so much and I was able to pass my CAHSEE. Junior was not a year I was proud of due to failing

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