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Reflection Paper: Word Identification According to an article online called “Phonics Vs. Phonological Awareness”, phonics is the method of teaching beginning readers to connect the sounds of spoken language with letters or a group of letters. When teaching beginner readers, you start with letters and then students are taught sounds that those letters stand for or make. Phonics deals with the eyes and ears. It is important for students to know and learn word identification. It is easy to get phonemic and phonic awareness confused because they have a lot in common, but they are totally different concepts in identifying words or letter sounds. Without phonic awareness educated, students will delay their reading development. In the future the student will have a hard time reading and spelling. For my lesson, I decided to teach my students how to identify rhyming words. I am introducing the concept of rhyming for the first time, therefore, my students have no prior knowledge of this concept. I have three different assessments that I have for my students. After the lesson is taught and I have gone over the directions of the assessment. I will divide my students up into three sections. I will call the name of the students who are gifted and seat them at one table. The assessment that I will be giving to my gifted students is a phonic crossword worksheet. The directions of this assessment is for my gifted students to identify where each word goes and to underline the rhyming

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