Reflection : Renelierle Resource, Renewable Resources And Nonrenewable Resources

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Introduces the topic/content; provides an overview of lesson; connects to prior lessons; engages students in lesson.

1. To begin the lesson, I will explain today's lesson objectives and have students say them out loud. I will pass out graphic organizer worksheets and we will discuss what graphic organizers are and how we use them.

2. On another piece of paper, I will write the first vocabulary word, natural resource, and as a class, we will discuss the definition. I will prompt class with inquiry-based questions, use prior knowledge, and real-world connections.

3. Natural resource - A supply of materials found in nature that can be drawn on by humans to provide energy.

4. I will read the definition to the class and then point out the two types of resources below, Renewable Resources and Nonrenewable Resources. I will point out a word that students are familiar with "renew" in both words. I then point out the suffix "-able" on the end of each word and the prefix "non" on the front of nonrenewable. This strategy uses the prefix and suffix to figure out the meaning of a word using these as clues.

5. I will ask the class to discuss the meaning of both words and record them on their graphic organizers. Ask about the word "renew", it means to get again, compare it to renewing a library book. "-able" means able to. Put this together and define renewable resources as those that we are able to get again. The prefix "non" means not. Put this together and describe the meaning

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