Reflection: The Great Listen By Rocky Zhang

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Reflection: The Great Listen

Rocky Zhang

1. Rocky Zhang and his father, Weihong Zhang, talk about Weihong’s life experiences and jobs.

2. The interview was conducted in February 2017 in Sharon, Massachusetts. During the interview, they speak about Weihong’s childhood in China, explaining how he was raised a rural village in China and ended up being the third person in his family to go to college. Also, they discuss Weihong’s immediate family, which includes his mother, father, two brothers, and 4 sisters. Rocky learns that, due to cultural implications, most of his father’s village shared the same last name, Zhang. Lastly, they touch on Weihong’s immigration to the US.

3. Siblings, Family, Village, Food, China, United States, Immigration, …show more content…

An interview is different from a text in terms of being a historical reference because an interview documents the emotions of each word more clearly and accurately. While historians often debate the tone or sincerity of texts, interview are much genuine and straightforward. Specifically, laughs, sighs, and crying are apparent in interviews, but motives and feeling are slightly more obscured in texts.

8. Historians would not be able to learn much about 2016 by listening to the interview because we discussed the past much more than the present. However, at one point, I did ask my dad to compare the computers of his time with modern computers. As a result, historians could have a feel for the complexity or primitivity of modern computing. It is also possible, that historians could use the part of the conversation about 9/11 to gauge the effect of the event.

9. If I were to conduct another interview, I would ask more my partner to elaborate on each part more, rather than rushing to the next question.

10. I would interview my mom because I am sure her story is just as interesting as my dad’s. Furthermore, it would offer another perspective on China because she grew up closer to the city and had a totally different schooling

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