Reflection and Discussion

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How do you know when you are improperly using your personal power? How do you know when your life is out of balance? How do you bring it back into balance? A significant indication of misused power will be when you lose the support of your team and start experience insubordination due to retaliation against your behavior. If you are new to a position of power it is easier to get overwhelmed and think that pushing your weight around to show power will be the way to earn respect. This will not always be the case. Approaching a managerial position, which holds a higher level of power, will earn you more respect when you make yourself part of your team and lead by example. Recognizing when you are becoming off balance within…show more content…
Working together to find out which programs are imperative to the well being of families and the community will allow for better work situations and communities. With such stressors we affect the health of many since the quality of life suffers. Organizations will not run the same with the same amount of productivity when the work environment does not seem stable, and this goes for broader communities in terms of the economy. We live in a society where it is difficult to relax since our obligations and responsibilities depend on our jobs and how well we unfold within our communities and count on each
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