Substance Abuse In Society Power

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In society power is the most valuable possession a person can have. When people have power they feel like they can do anything and nothing can stop them. Peer pressure to have what other people have sometimes driven people to do crazy things. People often get caught up in becoming powerful for their own selfish needs. In the quest for power people should not abuse their authority or it can cause consequences.

The consequences do not only affect the person their authority but also others around them. Donna and Ricardo Lindo grew up together at Forest Haven Mental Retardation center. Donna and Ricardo both suffered from mental illnesses. Donna and Ricardo quickly form a bond of friendship. While living at Forest haven Donna and Ricardo …show more content…

The most popular current abuses of power are substance abuse, fedeal abuse and police abuse. Substance abuse can cause people to feel like sinking to the ground with no one to help save them. Statistics show that substance abuse takes place primarily in urban neighborhoods. Substance abuse causes people to become isolated because they don't feel accepted by others and they no longer want to be around them. (American Anthem)

Federal abuse cause people to feel like they're trapped in a cage with no right and no where to go. Federal abuse takes place primarily because the government wants to control everything without the citizens input and abuse their power. Federal abuse causes the government to become isolated from citizens because it creates distrust between the two of them. Police abuse makes people feel like the armor that is suppose to protect them is choking and killing them. Statistics show that police abuse takes place in primarily urban areas because the police don't respect urban people. Police abuse causes isolation between the citizens and the police and that is a problem because the police are supposed to protect the citizens. (American …show more content…

In 1954 the united states established separate but equal laws for the Caucasian and African American. (Lecture Mullet) The separate but equal laws were supposed to uphold state racial laws for public facilities. (Lecture Mullet) Instead of keeping everything separate but equal everything was separate and unfair. (Lecture Mullet) The government abused their power by not giving African Americans the same treatment as Caucasians simply because they were not Caucasian.

The way society abused power in the past affects the way we view abuse today. In Biohealth class, there was a lesson which defined physical, mental, and verbal abuse.Physical abuse is when a person intentionally causes injury or trauma to another person. ( lecture kole) Mental abuse is when a person is subjected or exposed to behavior that may result in psychological trauma. (lecture kole)Verbal abuse is a negative defining statement told to an victim. (lecture kole) In the quest for power the abuse of any kind is unacceptable and it can cause negative

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