Reflection and Summary of Call for the Change by Kathleen Schenck

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It is very informative and understandable in reading this piece of work. It is clear that this has been written after much research work. I would certainly agree with the fact that ESL implies that one language can be learnt at one time. This is not true, when one can study different field studies than it is also possible to learn multiple languages at a time. However, it might be difficult to learn multiple languages at time. The case is different for English. English is much easier as compared with many other difficult international languages. These readings are very good to analyze and it is apparent that author has done much hard work to gather this piece of information. Moreover, it is interesting to be read as well. I have …show more content…

In the article “call for the change”, Kathleen Schenck is discussing the change, which is needed in the acronyms terms, which are using to teach of English language. Schenck reinforces her idea with an example of ESL (English as Secondary languages) for the openers. She says, “For openers the term (ESL) is inaccurate” i.e. the person may already have other languages as second, third and so own. Schenck explains her view in way “A Swiss nation may know Italian, German, French and even Romansch before attempting English”. On the other hand Schenck demonstrate another concern with the word ”second” is that it gives a message to the learner that he will always considered English as a second language i.e. he can never acquire native fluency. This could be disheartened for the learner and this fact will always resist him to understand the accent of natives. While describing the rules of linguistic schenck says, “linguistic is no one dialect trumps another” then she explains her idea by referring the phrase “beauty is in the eye” likewise the appropriate sound is that which is appropriate for the beholder i.e. beauty is in the “ear” of the beholder. It is possible that a sound, which is sweet for a person, will be its dreadful for the other. Overall Schenck enlighten that terms which are used to teach English, should be change and modify by focusing the learners and understanding their requirement of learning English

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