Pros And Cons Of Transhumanism

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Transhumanism is a “is a politically and emotionally charged word that scientists are referring to as the augmentation of the human condition through technology, primarily to enhance human intellectual, physical, and psychological capabilities” (Jiang, 2015). Technological advancements play an ever-increasing part in our lives, more so now than any other time in mankind 's history. With advances in the fields of engineering, science, robotics, and neuroscience, I believe we are on the precipice of great and drastic change. This could equally lead to an ethical and social meltdown in our society. I think this fundamentally is a wrong idea because it goes against Gods creation, and core human values. Per (Ćirković, 2016), “Bio conservatives have argued against bio enhancement, as they believe that it is aimed at intervening in what has been ordained by God or given to us by nature.”

One of the center ideas of a transhumanists thought process is immortality. As (Rectenwald, 2015) states, “If it were technologically possible, why wouldn’t we want to transcend our current species.” An equally good question for those in support of transhumanism should be, after the transcendence of humanity, what’s next? In this innovative world of ours, we 're seeing a huge increment in wearable and Trans-human innovation, which for a few people, it is fascinating yet there are still people who think this development must be halted like me.

There have been many debates on the matter of

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