Reflection on Home on the Range Class Essay

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Throughout this class I have learned more than I thought that I would. Not being from a ranch or farm, this class did not seem to pertain to me, but was the only one that I could fit. As the class began, I took a likening to the class atmosphere and the discussions that we had. In the discussions, everyone’s opinion was valued and the atmosphere allowed you to feel comfortable saying what you felt and while learning things, I also enjoyed the social aspect of the class. It was an important realization for me that just because I don’t come from a ranch or farm, learning about Home on the Range is important in becoming well rounded, no matter my major I am studying, also, it is my state’s history, which is important to know.
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Now that it has been used for that, it would be very difficult to revert it back to wild land with wild animals.
Another, idea was to have more buffalo than cattle. Buffalo graze the land more evenly and, because they are less domesticated, they are leaner meat. When first hearing about this, I was definitely all for it. As I started thinking about it more, however, I decided that having as many buffalo as cattle would just cause the buffalo to become just as domesticated as the cattle. This would mean that they would probably end up overgrazing the land just as cattle do today. It is mostly the people’s responsibility to rotate the cattle. It is not the cattle’s fault that they graze like they do. Also, if someone is eating red meat, I would assume that they are not too worried about it affecting their health. Therefore the fact that buffalo is leaner meat would make no difference to an all-American red meat eater. Cattle are cheaper and people have come to love that fatty, marbled meat. I would be open to eating more buffalo meat, I just don’t think that it will ever be as successful as the cattle industry, unfortunately.
Re-wilding and having less domestic animals also brings about the talk of prairie grasses. It does sadden me a little that most of our prairie grasses have been overgrazed and a lot of the grasses are invasive species. I would love to go back to the time when the prairie grasses were tall and

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