Reflection on Pornography and Its Effects

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Reflection on Pornography Introduction Pornography industry is emerging as a booming business throughout the world. However, the effect Pornography has on individuals is impaling. Different ideologies are given in support for this industry while human rights activities vehemently denounce this as a social vice. Reflection on Pornography The view on pornography that I strongly endorse is complete censorship of pornography. In the work of Dworkin (2009) and Groarke (2005), there is clear exemplification of the challenges inherent to pornography. I find their argument compelling because women have been turned into objects of sexual pleasure. A large majority of these sites tend to have monetary gains for acts that are obscene. Women have been used to satisfy men’s urge for sexual gratification. I support objective censorship of pornographic sites because many of these sites have monetary gains attached to their content. A large majority of viewers online are willing to part with some money for greater and intense sexual satisfaction. McElroy (2005) points out that people have the freedom to choose and that their freedom should not be infringed. However, McElroy uses a subjective argument where women have sexual desires that need gratification too. I term this as a subjective view because, while it is true that women have sexual desires that need to be fulfilled, not many would like to have their intimacy experience published. Dworkin (2009) highlights current trends where
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