Reflective Essay About A Community

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What do you think of when you hear about a community? My first thought was that a community had to be a small group of people that share a common interest, but why can’t a community be a large group of people with things in common? I understand it can be. A community can be a large or small quantity of people that have any one thing in common. When I hear the word community, I see various of images. I see numerous numbers of people with such a variety, but coming together as one with commonalities. So, when I was asked to write about a community in my life I had no idea how to choose my topic, there is so many options, however, when we were assigned to read the article “Beyond the Pleasure Principle” written by Ann Hulbert I got my inspiration to write about my generation because I do believe my generation stands out from the past generations.…show more content…
While there are hundreds of countries filled with people in my generation I want to focus mainly on the people in my generation that I grew up with because many of the people can relate to them. Generation z is one whole generation filled with millions of young adult just starting their lives, in spite of that, I still thing of my generation as a community of people that interact on an every day bases. My generation also known as “generation z” is a community of people typically born between 1995 to 2012 that share many things in common, but one significant thing is that we all grew up in the same world around the same time. Just in this area alone there are thousands of us who interact with each other every day. I feel that generation z has seen drastic changes in technology and education in recent years. Theses significant changes have altered how generation z and future generations will live their
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