Reflective Essay About God

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There are few people that I know who believe God is real and you can see it through the person they are. It is not determined by the way they dress or the music they listen to. How loudly one sings during church does not mean they love God, although it can be. One may say God loves everyone, yet why does he send many to Hell? Others could say God was caucasian or he was colored or he was an alien. Not one person believes in exactly the same thing as the next person. I definitely have my own belief on who God is just like how I believe in my own philosophy that surrounds him, love. Love is what destroys, encourages, and creates the things in our lives and constructs the way we are. The way one chooses to express it can make everything and everyone around them become a symbol of their love, or it can make everything collapse around them. That choice defines a person's life.
There are days that I feel like nothing but a tumbleweed passing time. It feels like all I can do is let the wind push me and it doesn't matter where I end up. That day I was going to get my last report card of the year. All everyone thought about was that school is going to be over. Throughout the day my hands held my pencil tighter and my foot would make small tapping noises that felt like drums. My physics grade was not what I wanted it to be when I saw it on my progress report. It was a ninety and that was petrifying to my thirteen year old self. I had never gotten below an A.
The day had continued

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