Reflective Essay About Harriet Tubman

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There many people’s spiritual life that I greatly admired. The only person that has have a major influence in my faith is Harriet Tubman. Harriet Tubman is one of the most remarkable person in history. She herself as a slave led hundreds of people to freedom through the underground railroad. There are not many people that willing to go above and beyond for the sake of others. As a woman, she not only showed what she was capably of but how far she was willing to go. Even with the idea of her possible getting caught, she didn’t let that affect her that much. I admire her adversities to risk her own life to lead many slaves to freedom. I truly believe that Harriet Tubman was doing God’s work.
She may not have realized it but she scarified herself for the sake of others just as Jesus did. From her I can learn what the true purpose of life. We live in a life were people are suffering right infront of us and turn our back towards them. It breaks my heart when Im on the train sation and I see people begging for some changes. I often gave them chance knowing it mostly like not going to be used for food but rather drugs. I in fact don’t really car because I feel at the edn of the way helping someone is worth more than taking a blind eye to the situation. People out there come from many different circumstances and end up in this situation no tby choce but the way life has chosen for thm. Just helping someone at one person is able to change my life. Just as Harriet Tubmna did, she

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