Reflective Essay About Language

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Language is abstract and people need language for communication. Language rarely has intrinsic meaning, it represents an image and it is symbolic. Language is not only symbolic. Language is a complex system, it is creative and productive. You can product many words. Language does not include objects. It includes all the images and concepts of the world. There is an abstraction of a real world. So what is language for? Language exists for communication, to control people about relationships, phatic communication, thought, expressing emotions etc. Language is for thought and this thought is related to language directly because people can not think without language and it is really significant.
First of all, my experience of learning languages was a great experience and beneficial for me. My native language is Turkish. When I was 7 years old, I started to learn English and I am able to learn languages. When I was 5, I was watching cartoons in English and in my opinion, it was so helpful for me about learning a new language. I have been learning English for fifteen years including my college life. I studied American Culture and Literature in Bilkent University. Thanks to my department, I had a chance to improve my English. …show more content…

Learning a second foreign language is taught but mother tongue is ‘picked up’. People have mother tongue acquisition. For example; according to Chomsky, every baby was born with language faculty. There are some important effects about baby’s mother tongue acquisition; family, social interaction, environment, genetics, pre-determined-ability. Chomsky says that LAD should be activated by mother and it is related to the role of mother. I agree with Chomsky and thanks to my family, I can learn a new language and my language learning experience was a great experience for

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