Reflective Essay About Rap

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I caused myself to miss out on a possible great experience with music. Since the start of 2016, a new rap era called “Mumble Rap” caused a spur of people to spew their dislike of rappers who predominately used adlibs in their songs along with extremely low rapping ability. Well known mumble rappers are: Lil Yachty, Lil Uzi Vert, 21 Savage, Famous Dex, Kodak Black, and Desiigner. I joined this wave of not liking mumble rap to make myself seem better and more knowledgeable to this who listen to mumble rap. I would always say that “I only listen to lyrical people, except for Lil Wayne” or “Mumble rappers are trash and I do not like that”. You will usually see me criticizing people who listen to this new music because I felt as though the music was poisoning to our minds. Contrary to what I was saying, these were not my true feelings. The only reason I said these things was because I followed the thoughts and opinion of the much older people of the hip hop audience. I wanted to be all high and mighty as those individuals and show that I too also enjoyed the rap era from the 1990s to early 2013. Although I preached about how bad this new rap era is and the kind of music I listen to, no one pictured me how I pictured me. I began to notice more and more often, so I began to feel less dislike for the new rap and eventually not care if it is played around me. I would here one of the mumble rapper’s song on the radio and I would find myself liking it. If I am by myself, I would look

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