Reflective Essay: Adapting To The Medical Field

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As someone who has the constant determination to always learn new things, my philosophy has continuously been about receiving as much information as possible coupled with repetition. It is my firm belief that practice really does make perfect. I tend to study the material in layers by reviewing the subject multiple times. My approach is not only to perform favorably on examinations but to accurately retain the matter for long term potentiation. I meticulously delve into the topic for a first look and subsequently go through it again, each time becoming faster as I retain the material. With each cycle I am examining any subtle details that may have eluded me on previous rotations. As an orthodontic resident, I will continue my study approach…show more content…
I believe it is important to have an appropriate balance between didactic and clinical exposure to novel material. Dentistry is both an art and a science; one cannot live without the other. Learning procedures like Tip-Edge treatment is important in a clinical setting; however, without the science or knowledge to support such a treatment, all would be for naught. Therefore, I am a learner who initially enjoys learning the background and details of a specific treatment then ultimately applying it in real-world situations in the clinic. Not only is it satisfying to experience that which I have learned in a clinical setting, it is equally rewarding to value how far I have come on my academic journey from the first day of dental school. I am looking for an orthodontic residency that provides the best possible didactic and clinical learning environment. As a specialist, the buck really does stop with me. I believe it is of the utmost importance to learn and absorb as much as possible during my residency. I am looking for an environment that exposes residents to a multitude of cases, both in variety and quantity from start to finish. Orthodontics is a very dynamic field with new treatment methodologies and technology always coming
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