Reflective Essay In English

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Throughout the year my knowledge has increased tremendously. For example, at the start of the year I didn’t know how to write a hook or thesis, but know after having increased my knowledge for half a year under your teaching I know know how to write a strong hook and create a good thesis. In your class my brain synapses fired when I learned that using the word “you” was not correct in a proper English essay. In constructing a strong understanding of plot you helped me to more fully understand the stories that I read for fun and in your class. Also I learned about the different types of figurative language when I had previously only known about simile and metaphor. This helped me to understand what authors are talking about when they say you, “Jumped the gun,” and other confusing phrases I otherwise would never understand. I say this with a benign expression that without you I would never know most of those WOD words that you give us and what they mean when I come across them in a book. Also I learned a great deal about Shakespeare’s life and that he actually was born and died on the same day and that while he not only was a writer, he also took on some roles in his plays. I learned about how multiple things that a character does, says, and even what he looks like can tell you a lot about who the character is. Throughout this year I have been privileged to have you as my teacher and I have gave you my listening ears as a quid pro quo in exchange for a slice of your

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