Reflective Essay On Music Theory

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One thing that over the years I’ve become very good at is learning how to play many musical instruments. The different factors and components of this learning process include learning music theory, learning the basics of an instrument and how to apply different skills to various types of instruments such as string, brass, percussion and wind. Some of the instruments that I have learned are piano, organ, harpsichord, keyboard, guitar, bass, mandolin, trombone, cello, banjo, harmonica and soon the fiddle. Each of these different types of instruments required a different basic skill set.

For every instrument with exception of my earlier years on the piano I am self taught. A young me was always intrigued by the process of how music was made and how different instruments made their own distinct sounds. The first thing that I did to start my adventure in the world of musicality was to learn about music theory. What music theory is to be put shortly is the study of theoretical parts of music. This mainly includes things like melody, tempo, harmony, notation, etc. Luckily for me I learned all the basics at a young age from my piano lessons so it’s practically like a second language to me.

I believe that the most essential part of music theory for a beginner instrument player is learning notation. What notation is from a musical standpoint is every little detail you can find on sheet music that helps organize the song written on the sheet. Some of the basic parts of notation
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