Reflective Essay On My Religious Experience

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As a child raised in the bible belt people to assume I am religious, but they would be paper. When I hear the word bible belt I associate it with southern Baptist which I am not. I grew up in a household where we did not attend church on Sundays, instead we would go to the lake or do other fun activities. I always remember friends asking me what church I went to and when I told them I do not go to church they were shocked. My religious experience is being raised by a catholic dad, a Christian mother, going to church with friends on the rare occasion, and now just living life knowing there is a God but not feeling the need to be in a church to be a believer. When I was younger I remember people asking my parents what church we went to and once my dad said he was catholic nine out of ten times the conversation either stopped or changed. Majority of the people I grew up around were southern Baptist and since my family did not go to church my dad used his religion to stop arguments. I have mentioned how my dad is Catholic, well his whole family is. He was brought up in a Catholic household and attended a Catholic school his whole life. Since my dad is Catholic I have been to a few masses, mostly holiday services. I feel like I know more about Catholicism more than any other religion because it has always interested me. To this day my dad gets annoyed with me constantly asking him questions. It got to the point he almost signed me up for classes to learn more about the religion.

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