Reflective Essay On Racism

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As the bus winded down the bumpy path from the Conference on National affairs there was a deep sense of unity amongst each delegate. Every delegate felt apart a family and the strongholds of societal norms had been broken in our eyes. This feeling began to dissolve as a massive wave of sound began to flood the bus.On my phone alone I had 10 news alerts,20 missed calls and over 100 text and this was the same amongst every delegate. The alerts said Dallas under fire by a sniper, Black Lives Matter Protest turns violent,Another innocent Black Man shot by police, Unarmed Black man shot by police. In that moment my fellow delegates and I were left to process a week's worth of racial tension in one split second. Leading us all to come to different conclusions of the story. The daughter of a Dallas Police officer burst into tears not knowing if her Mom was alive. A group of students on the political right called their parents and friends as they discussed ways to back the blue. A group of African American students sit puzzled after seeing the reactions of the people on the bus and the notifications on their phones. They were torn between feeling angry due to the discrimination that their people had experienced for centuries and continued to face now. And they were torn between feeling sympathetic of the fallen officer that risked their lives to protect the protesters that were protesting for the rights of their people.Meanwhile I am torn between these two feelings and dealing

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