Reflective Essay On Religion

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was not raised in a family that went to church every Sunday. We rarely went to church, but it was not because we were against it or don’t believe in God. It just that it was never something we focused on. My parents weren't raised going to church every Sunday either, they would just occasionally go on holidays or with other family members. Therefore, going to church was not passed down to our family. We didn't talk much about God or the Bible, so we considered ourselves Christians but I did not know many of the formal bible stories except for what I have figured out over time by friends, school and doing my own research.
However, I have been to different churches with friends and family, for events and services. Specifically I have been to many Sunday services, plays, and Vacation Bible School at both Baptist and Methodist Churches. For what I have learned about God thus far, I do believe in him. I might not go to Church all the time, but I do believe that God is real, because it does make sense with the help of the Bible. I have not fully read the Bible, but I am excited to really dive into it in the next semester, to help me understand and form a better opinion about God.
The fact that I do or don't believe in God, does not affect my daily life or ethics, because I was raised with very strong morals. I was raised to be honest, respect others, and always do the right thing. Before I knew that much about God, I had already valued these things. So, I don't think you have to

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