Reflective Essay On The Spirit Of God

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I just emailed out my last meeting reminders for the semester at Biola. Thankfully, they do not represent the final meetings with the majority of people with whom I meet. Of the 52 individuals I have met with, 42 of them will continue after the first of the year. This continuity allows for greater understanding of their stories and greater capacity to help them discern God’s voice in their lives. Those who are transitioning out create space for new people, and new opportunities to discover the movements of God in the direction room.

Please be praying for the people God will bring to the ministry of Rooted Soul.

Along with these individuals, I have led three groups, with a total of 21 people. This provides a totally different dynamic, which allows the members to discover how the Spirit of God can speak through them, into the lives of others. What takes place in these groups is often surprising and powerful, as we see God meet people in life-giving ways. Each of these groups will continue in the New Year, and I will be adding a fourth, rather large group, of 16 people.

Please pray for these groups, for people to feel safe, be open, and encounter God through their brother and sisters in Christ.

Along with the people I mister to as a Pastor/Spiritual director, I have also had the privilege to provide supervision and tutoring to people who are in training to meet other in similar spaces. This gives me the opportunity to help people develop their capacity, discover what

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