Reflective Essay On The Study Of Religion

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Study of Religion (SOR) is a humanitarian subject which seeks to teach students to better understand themselves and world around them. In SOR the students are asked to do this from a religious perspective. This is evident in the goals of SOR which are clearly outlined in the 2008 Study of Religion, rationale.
The rationale states that during the unit subject students are required to:
• Looking at it as part of complex, social, political and cultural dialogue
• Engage in conversation and debate
• Developing knowledge, analysis and critical thinking,
• Exploring justice issues such as equity, gender, ethnicity and inclusivity (QCAA, 2008, p. 1).

In each of the two assignment are set for a year 11 class, for a co-education Catholic school, Watford State High School. These assignments are held during the third and fourth term during the year 11. This is because the level of skills and critical thinking is much higher than what is required for the year 11 at the beginning of the year.

The two topics which the assignments are centered around is theme 6.2: World Religion and 7.4: Ultimate Questions. The two task differentiate between skills level, however, both pieces of assignment have been carefully scaffolded. This is to help the student develop their higher order thinking. Therefore, by the end of the semester, the student would have a deeper understanding of World Religions, in both a current and historical context. Students will also be able to think critically and

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