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I remember the first diary assignment that I had in grade three. The instructor asked me to write one hundred words to describe my day every single day. As tiring as it seemed for a third-grader, I have always appreciated my instructor since she introduced me to express myself in words. My experience in writing goes from writing stories to texting on social media and to write cards to people. I view writing as a powerful tool to introduce myself to people, to form relationships, and to communicate at an emotional level that daily conversation can’t reach. However, there is always another form of writing, that is, argumentative essays. Although being less experienced in academic writing, I realize that the tenacity in well written essays makes writing compelling in terms of creating initiatives for issues that people matter. Ultimately, regardless of writing styles, writing allows me to capture my thoughts and imaginations through story telling, gain knowledge of the society, and impact other individuals around me.
Creative writing allows me to display the adventurous side of me, especially when I am writing about a story of people going on an trip. Spontaneous trips are always and will be the most exciting, heart-burning experience that I had in my high-school life. When I write about something I really enjoy, I would forget about time, grammar, or even the logic of the story, because it is the memories – the core library of emotions that draws one attention into- that
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