Reflective Writing Style

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Analyzing one’s work is incredible important in order to explore one’s style of writing and to discover certain factors that influence it. When analyzing the work done throughout this semester, I came to the conclusion that important aspects of my writing include how my identity and style of writing changes based on my audience, the different ways I build my ethos and my use of logos, and the importance of kairos in order to persuade the reader.
Throughout my writing, my identity and my style of language changes based on the audience I’m targeting and the purpose of the assignment. This said, as a writer I determined who my target audience is for an specific work and then proceeded to build my argument. In addition, the purpose of the assignment greatly influences my style of language and my identity. In regards to my tone, I engage my audience in a way that will invite them to feel receptive to my message. Similarly, my voice projected an appropriate kind of authority and agency in respect to my audience. As a result, my identity as a writer would change in order to effectively communicate with different audiences, as seen in the character, Metamorph, on issue 3 of the textbook, Understanding Rhetoric 2nd Edition. Different identities were developed based on the purpose and the intended audience of various work. For example, Project 1 required a rhetorical analysis and synthesis of three sources. My audiences for Project 1 were the authors of the three sources analyzed.

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