Reflection In Creative Writing

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In the ninth grade, my Literature teacher introduced poetry to me in the form of spoken word. I would have never thought that a Shakespeare recitation assignment would have been the window to a world of one of my greatest passions. Since then, I immediately hit the ground running; performing and competing in poetry slams and competitions in my hometown community of Augusta and around the state of Georgia. I knew that words were what I wanted to dissect and assemble, and the stage was where I wanted to be. Years later, I chose a Creative Writing concentration at Georgia State University, and the embarking of a distinctive style began. I soon became torn between the voices of spoken word and written poetry. I learned that there is a skill and a beauty to both, and I have been able to begin fostering a different skill at GSU. The conservational and sometimes rhythmic style of my performance poetry has infused with the illustrative and technical style of my written poetry, and vice versa. The diverse curriculum of my professors, critiques, and insight from other poets in workshops have helped me to become comfortable with owning a distinct and unique voice on the page, as well as the stage.
A lot of the success of a written poem depends on literary devices. While puns and pathos may keep an audience’s attention, the terminology I’ve learned throughout my courses has significantly helped in the development of my writing. By refreshing my memory with devices and poetic techniques

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