Reform Or Revolution

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Reform Or Revolution?
Something that changed our country isn't always a revolution as example many of our laws we have in place weren’t always there. They were put into place over time these changes in definition are reforms, small changes to a larger system. A revolution comparatively is a replacement to the former system like if we wanted to replace the constitution. The civil rights movement acted as a reform to the former system we had. The movement was one that took time and wasn’t placed and forced onto people it was one that slowly drifted into place. The movement fought for the rights that the citizens were told to have in our country not something that needed to be taken. Lastly the movement for civil rights changed one thing at a …show more content…

The court was part of the old system changing this is smaller changes feeding into bigger ones. One of the biggest pushes this took was the supreme court review of the brown versus board where they decided that the south was wrong in their decision and that the former court case of plessy versus ferguson where they had said it can be separate but equal. So if this hasn’t changed the whole system then it can’t be a revolution.
The reform of the civil rights in america took way longer than if it had been a revolution. The rights are still being argued today between racial fairness and police brutality if it were a revolution then racism wouldn’t be argued today. The reforms that were made also wouldn’t be debated if it had been a revolution it would be set in place, but it would be pushed against for many years after.
In conclusion the evidence points to the civil rights movement to be a reform or a string of reforms rather than a revolution. It simply took too long to be one. The movement also wasn’t forced onto the south rather slowly took it in as people saw the old ways were wrong. Lastly the movement was changing instead of replacing for good. That’s why this was all a

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