Reformation in the Church 2002

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My Reformation for the Church in 2002 By Sally Smith There are several problems in the church that I can see right now. The biggest problem I see is that most Christians have made being a Christian a religious act. You have to do this and you can’t do that and if you don’t you will go to hell. We have made being a Christian long and labor some. Few church members understand the concept of grace. They have forgotten that Jesus just wants be our friend. That being a Christian is not following a bunch of rules but having a relationship with Jesus. The second problem I see is that most seminaries don’t and refuse to ordain women and very few churches have ordained women elders and deacons. Most churches have started doing…show more content…
Whoever serves should do it with the strength that God has given him, so that God will be praised through Jesus Christ. All glory and power and dominion belong to God both now and forever. Amen.” Another problem I see is music. Throughout history, every time there was an outbreak of new music an instrument was banded. Right now, most churches have banded guitars and drums. Most churches also still sing long winded and mournful songs. Churches should sing new songs that are happy and joyful. They should have well behaved drummer and guitar player. The fourth problem is in the worship service. Most church services are predictable, long and boring with no variety. The worship service should be thoughtful, yes even exciting and full of variety. A problem related to the one above is communion. It has become boring, long, predicable and not meaningful. Most people have no clue what the symbolism of communion is. Every communion should be different and meaningful. The next problem I see is the Sabbath. My church follows the letter of the law on this subject but most chuches don’t even do that. The Sabbath should be a day that you look foreward to in spending time with God. We seem to do whatever we want on the Sabbath. Or we make mindless rules like the pharisees did; don’t do this, do that. We have forgotton the true meaning of the Sabbath. The last problem is that the church members rarely fellowship together anymore. In
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