Refugee Immigration Policy Analysis

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1. This paper is on Germany’s open-door policy on refugee immigration and the impact it has on its political and social relations. As a result, from the increase immigration, there was an economic effect on Germanys job market. Lastly, this paper states the United States’ interest in German policy and the effect it has had on legislation regarding refugee immigration.

2. Germany’s Chancellor, Angela Merkel, elected an open-door policy toward refugee immigration. Since the implementation of the policy, Germany has admitted over one million refugees in the country.1 Germany’s Prime Minister, Horst Seehofer believes the refugees in Germany have led to an increase in attacks and terrorist threats.2 Seehofer is questioning Merkel’s policy as many immigrants are entering unchecked into Germany.3 These immigrants, in
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The United States’ interests on refugees entering the nation has become a concern for many, especially with the increased attacks in Germany after the immigration.10 The Deputy Director of the German Marshall Fund, Sudha David-Wilp stated that many Americans were at first impressed with Germany’s decision on refugees, but now question the absence of management that went into the policy.11 Another problem with refugee immigration is how to integrate over a million refugees into the country without disrupting the safety and welfare of the economy.12 The United States viewed these events and has chosen the nation’s security over humanitarian efforts. It stands by strict immigration laws so as not to mirror the events in Germany caused by its allowance of refugees under the unfiltered policy.13

5. In conclusion, Germany’s open-door policy has resulted in controversy within its nation. The economic impingements of the large immigration have resulted in both positive and negative effects on the workforce. Due to the events in Germany, the United States stands firm on strict immigration laws for refugees in order to secure the nation’s best
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