Refugees In Lebanon

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I must say I was pleasantly surprised about the reporting on refugees in Lebanon. Going into this project I was expecting that the reporting would extremely one-side and filled with propaganda. However, the reporting was reasonably objective and even had some properties of Peace Journalism. Nonetheless, there were aspects of the reporting that needed to be changed to make it more aligned with Peace Journalism. The articles found in the Executive Magazine were more of a traditional journalism, however it wasn’t as blatant as some reporting that we are familiar with here in the United States of America; and this was one of the thing I found surprising.
There was one item form my coding list that all four articles that I reviewed had in …show more content…

Of the 4 articles analyzed, only one reported the views and quotes from the refugees themselves. Which brings me to another peace journalism violation; it was good to hear the views of refugees themselves, however it was done in an irresponsible way because the reporter lister the person’s name, age address and even went as far as to post a picture of the refugees. Peace Journalism explains that anonymity is important when dealing with refugees and reporters must be careful with how they report interviews and quotes from these victims.
As consumers of popular western media, one word that we have become accustomed to hearing when reporting on refugees is “burden.” This was also very popular in the Lebanese newspapers, and appeared repeatedly in 3 of the stories that I analyzed. “Much of the burden for responding to the crisis has fallen on the international community” (Dyke and Rasamny, 2013). “We all recognize the burden on neighboring countries from the influx of Syrian refugees” (Elali, 2014). “Lebanon is bearing the burden of the events in Syria” (Now, 2013). These three quotes highlight how the word burden is used when reporting about refugees, this cause the readers to subconsciously view refugees in a negative way, assuming that noting good can come from having them in the country. To make this even worse, none of the stories that I analyzed made mention

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