Essay on Rehabilitation is NOT Effective

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When you think of sending some one away for a wrong they committed against society and/or the too often used term “humanity”, we expect them to be locked away for a period of time then get out a changed man or woman. But think of it this way. When a dog has an accident on the carpet, you toss it into its kennel, and then let it out ten minutes later, yet the dog has another accident on the carpet a week later. Same goes for these criminals. Why would they change, when thrown in jail for a crime they committed. Many times when a person is sent away to a prison or jail they have that internal want or need to defend themselves or push every one away. So how would this help by tossing these people in a cage. Now don’t get me wrong I’m a huge …show more content…

Many inmates think that this would be punishment enough. They have to live with their actions and now have to replay their actions over and over again in there head. Many times they are the only ones that know the extent of the crime and the minute details that can be rather graphic. They are the ones who have to deal with those demons. Of course when people think of the standardized punishment they think of just taking some ones freedom. That is true, taking ones freedom is a powerful thing, and it’s been shown in the past, and has been the cause of many wars that taking freedom from someone will be grounds for a fight. You take an item, valuable, freedom, life or liberty from someone, the United States Justice system will do upon to you the same. We punish with locked doors. But when that person gets out, the punishment doesn’t stop. Many times, depending on the crime and label placed upon an offender, their constitutional rights will be taken or restricted. Persons on probation and parole will attest to this, knowing that they don’t have the rights of a non-offender citizen. These people are basically classified as property now, not citizens. Now think of the mental toll that will take on a person knowing they are an item, not a person. That can have an effect on many people. Not every ones considers the fact that there is always a secondary punishment that goes

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