Reiki Therapy Essay

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Reiki Therapy

The History of Reiki

According to the Reiki Holistic Healing at Christal Center web page, the word “Reiki” is defined as the Japanese word for “universal energy”. Reiki therapy is a “laying on of hands” by a therapist who has studied Reiki, and therefore has enabled him/herself to provide a channel of healing energy for their clients. Although Dr. Makao Usui, a Christian monk, is credited with rediscovering Reiki therapy in Japan during the 1800’s, believers say this therapy dates all the way back to when Jesus healed others through his touch thousands of years ago ( Wade Ryan (a Reiki Master) claims in his web page on facts about Reiki that this is not a
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Vajra Reiki is a combination of Usui Reiki and Johrei (another form of Healing Energy). The energy given off by Vajra Reiki is said to be “hot” and sharply focused, and for that reason is said to work well on severely ill people suffering from a newer disease such as AIDS or Ebola. Hand Positions for this form of Reiki cover the entire body. Lastly, those interested in using Reiki on a spiritual level would be interested in Karuna Reiki. Karuna Reiki is used in addition to either one or both Usui and Vajra Reiki. This form is “highly subtle and intuitive” and for that reason does not have any specific Hand Positions (

The Purpose of Reiki

All the sources cited listed numerous benefits they believe come from a Reiki therapy session. The Reiki Holistic Healing at Christal Center states that this therapy alleviates pain and acute conditions rapidly. They claim that Reiki encourages one’s natural ability for their body to heal itself, that it rids the body of “emotional poisons” while promoting a meditative state of complete relaxation, and that it can be useful in returning to mental well being. Reiki can also be used for more specific treatment needs. People have sought stress relief, relief from physical pain, help in stopping smoking, and ease of
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