Reinke's Newton On The Christian Life

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The book Newton on the Christian Life has had a tremendous effect not just in my spiritual walk, but also in my outlook on life. My initial thoughts were that Reinke’s book was going to be dry and boring. But those initial thoughts were instantly proved wrong once I had finished the first chapter. As I plunged head first into this book, at the start of the semester, I was simultaneously encouraged, challenged, and convicted.
Reinke challenged me to fight for joy. I had never thought of joy as something to battle for. Prior to reading this book I thought that joy was just another word for happiness. However, happiness is an emotion and temporary; joy is an attitude of the heart. The fight for joy is a constant internal struggle that goes …show more content…

How am I to attain joy, when I don’t focus on Christ? My struggle with joy says something about my struggle in my spiritual walk. Looking to the world and it’s temporary thrills will never bring me the ultimate joy that I crave. As Reinke says, “ We may go through the motions, but eventually the misplaced priority of worldliness will corrode the soul’s joy”.
Although, sometimes our lack of joy is due to God's divine plan for our lives. Keep your eyes on Jesus, and you will win the fight. Between the pages of the book, Reinke unveils many different characteristics of God, and shows the depth and vastness of each. Such as Christ being our all-in-all, all-sufficient, a Shepherd, a Husband, a Prophet, a Priest, a King, and a Friend.
Looking at all these different characteristics, and aspects of God caused a longing to know Him even more to stir in my heart.
Newton’s repentant heart, brought to my mind the story of the tax collector in Luke chapter eighteen. Newton was so repentant and selfless, always putting the focus on Christ. That made me stop and think-How often am I that repentant? We need to stop looking at sin like it’s no big deal, and look at it how God looks at …show more content…

To live is Christ is the theme that runs through this book, like the intricate details of a big picture. Living for Christ is no easy task, it is for no mere man, but it is for the Christian. The Christian walk takes you through many different stages of maturity as you behold and delight in Christ's glory in Scripture. All along the journey of the Christian life -- through the darkest personal trials, and despite indwelling sin, and various character flaws -- Christ's glory is beheld and treasured, resulting in the taste of boundless joy, in growing security, and in continuous victory over oneself, the world, and the devil -- a triumph manifested in self-emptying and other-loving obedience, and ultimately in a life aimed to please God

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