Relations Between The United States And Iran

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Professor Gabriel Harper
History 103
11 April 2015
The Relations between the U.S. and Iran Over the last few decades, there has been increasing tensions between the United States and the Islamic Republic of Iran. This could be the cause of many external as well as internal factors. Diplomacy between these two states were not always successful and as such there would often times be misunderstandings. These misunderstandings have led to a strained relationship and a lack of cooperation among key actors of these nations. Foreign Policy during the Vietnam and Cold War Era The years between 1965 and 1967 were of a critical point for U.S.-Iranian relations. The Vietnam War and relations with the Soviet Union was often the issue that experts focused on during this time and during Johnson’s administration. The foreign policies regarding Iran were often overlooked. The preoccupation with Southeast Asia and the Soviet Union led the U.S. to neglect their relations with the very same allies that they were trying to maintain credibility with, most especially Iran.
Prior to Lyndon B. Johnson’s presidency, the relations with Iran had been at their lowest point. President John F. Kennedy was constantly pushing the shah for reform and development in his country. The pressure that Kennedy’s administration placed on the shah made him resentful and suspicious. He feared they would oust him like they ousted former Iranian leader Mossadegh in their 1953 covert operation. Indeed, there were
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