Relationship Between Confidentiality And Conformity

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The investigation followed all five ethical guidelines; right to withdrawal, confidentiality, accurate reporting, deception and informed consent. From the beginning of the experiment the right to withdrawal was mentioned a few times to ensure participants had an open choice to participate in the experiment or not. All participants were reminded anonymous through the duration of the experiment, the participants were give a three digit number to be identified, this number would be used instead of any personal information that belongs to the participant. Accurate reporting was reported in the raw data section which then was sorted out into graphs and tables to ensure the participants weren't using raw data in the write up. Deception was …show more content…

Test-retest reliability is when the experiment is measured the same test which is conducted twice or over a period of time The scores from test 1 and test 2 can be used to compare results as well as times. This was used in the experiment by Group A was tested first and then Group B followed but Group B was supplied with Group As results.

The type of validity that was used in the investigation was external validity. External validity is the process of examining results and using the results to see if they connect to any possible relationships. The experiment used this method as the results from Group A and B were connected to see how many siblings a participant has and to see how social conformity connects to the relationships in each household.

In conclusion this experiment helped determine where social conformity is found on a basic level. From the results on figure one the experiment did not support the hypotheses although it does not mean that the information isn't helpful to any future research or experiments. In future reference this experiment could be improved by more detailed questions about the participants home life as this would help the researcher to gain a more accurate understanding of social conformity in larger and smaller

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